Levis Strauss Struggles with Creating Organisational Change

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TABLE OF CONTENTS DECLARATION 0 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: 3 2. FINDINGS 4 2.1 SWOT Analysis 4 3. DISCUSSION 7 3.1 Problem Summary: 7 4. RECOMMENDATIONS 7 5. SET UP PROGRAMME OFFICE 7 5.1 Programme Office setup 7 5.2 Changes the Organisational Design 8 5.3 Shaping the organisational programme 8 6. STRATEGIC ANALYSIS 10 6.1 Analysis 10 6.1.1 Core competencies 10 6.1.2 Organisational behaviour study 10 6.1.3 Organisational Vision and Mission 11 6.1.4 Balanced Scorecard based strategy implementation 11 6.1.5 Balanced Scorecard value creation perspectives: 12 6.1.6 Building a strategy map 13 6.1.7 Implementing a Balanced Scorecard Programme Management learning organisation structure 14 7. STRATEGIC…show more content…
 Rising manufacturing costs - Manufacturing costs are too high, a budget of 850 million dollars was not sufficient. The fact that Levis had to budget such a large amount for a change in manufacturing all at a one time shows that there is no projects running for continuous productivity enhancement. The Levis manufacturing cycle has already become redundant; Levis has failed to consistently re-engineer their organisation to be lucrative in the current market.  Loss of client good will – The retailers are receiving product lines late and are finding it difficult to sell a product that lacks in store marketing. Retailers are not aware of the changes at Levis.  Poor supply chain management -Levis are missing market opportunity by delivering late to their retailers. This shows poor customer relationship management and poor quality management with regard to their services.  Loss of corporate control - “Everything had to go into a corporate process, so nothing ever got resolved” - No clear decision making, Bob Haas takes opinions from everybody working at Levis, even the factory workers. This slows down decision making and the eventually the goal is lost.  Poor financial management -

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