Levitt American Dream Analysis

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The Levitts have a simple version of the American Dream during the 1950s. Each son had a specific American Dream they were trying to achieve. For Alfred, the American Dream was to be married and to make other people happy. He does this by making the communities have a perfect design with green grass. William Levitt's viewpoint on the American Dream is different from Alfred. William wanted to make money and live a life of which he is “on top of the world.” A quote which shows this states “In his teens, bill gravitated to the high life, with the taste of money, attractive women, and sports cars”( Kushner 4.)An example of this is when William Levitt divorced his wife for a nineteen year old French model. When thinking about William Levitt,…show more content…
For Youtubers, if they state an opinion on their channel, this can cause backlash and cause people to not support them leading them into bankruptcy. The Weschlers did not do much to disrupt the American Dream considering the riots caused by the Myers. The Weschlers harmed Williams business by being public about their communistic believes and getting harassed by the neighbors. This is because people will not want to move into levittown because of the graffiti and loud noises that not only disrupt the Myers at night, but the whole neighborhood. There is also graffiti and posters put on people’s wall and that would be a bad influence to the people and children and it would have set a bad example for them. An example of this is when daisy got a tribute in Levittown from the newer generation. It said “More than forty years after her ordeal, seventy year old Daisy Myers returned for a special tribute in Levittown”(Kushner 202.). Most likely if the whole town got involved with the Myers, the tribute would not have been happening today since the children will learn to hate the Myers from their parents, however not every kid in Levittown was taught to hate and this happened..This is similar to the bad representation of Burlington City and Trenton. This is because even though there are nice parts of the town, the bad parts of the town overshadows the good part of the town. This also makes people move
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