Levitt And Dubner's Think Like A Freak

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After reading chapter three of Levitt and Dubner’s novel Think like a Freak, I learned that in life, human beings oftentimes, worry too much about finding the right answer to the questions that they ask, as well as are not willing to admit that they do not know if they are asking the “right” question. Thus, they do not stop to ask the following: Am I asking the right question? If individuals take the time to ask themselves this question, they can save time and effort, especially if they end up asking the wrong question. The purpose of this writing assignment is to describe how Levitt and Dubner are attempting to inform people that it is pivotal for them to think critically about the questions that they ask, especially since the end goal is to solve their problem. In addition, in chapter three, Levitt and Dubner briefly discuss education reform. For instance, Levitt …show more content…

Yet, today, I am now aware that it is pivotal for me to reframe my questions, especially since it can help me solve a specific problem. For instance, I am currently working with an English language learner student, and I keep asking myself the following: How can I expand my pedagogical content knowledge? Now, think about: How is the answer to this question going to help me solve my problem? (Student A needs help with expressive writing). On the other hand, if I reframe my question, I will then have the following: How can I use my current pedagogical content knowledge to help Student A succeed? In life, human beings will forever be developing their critical thinking skills, especially since they are lifelong learners. In my future classroom, I want my students to realize that thinking critically allows them to view things from different perspectives; thus, making them well-rounded

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