Lewin's Change Management Model

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Lewin’s Change Management Model Lewis’s Change Management Model is all about the concepts of unfreeze, change, and refreeze, Lewin relates his theory on a block of ice (Lewins, n.d.). First off he suggests that you “melt the ice” in order to make it into something different (Lewins, n.d.). Then you must form it into what you intend it to be, lastly, you must solidify the new object (Lewins, n.d.).

Unfreeze: In order to start the change in the organization, everyone must be aware that it is time for a new outlook or way on doing a certain thing (Lewins, n.d.). The purpose of unfreezing is to break down the existing status quo in hopes of making a better one for the future. The easiest way to compel people that your new idea for how the company should go about this certain situation is to pick at key points that could cause harm to the organization, such as: declining sales, poor customer reviews and poor financial results (Lewins, n.d.). With the intention to better the company one must start at the core values of the company and reexamine how they are being met, if they are. By forcing the organization to review its core will most likely be stressful and make some tension arise (Lewins, n.d.). However once the core is picked apart and exposed the dissecting of the values can begin. During this stage, there will be a nit-pick of the mind in order to make way for a better and greater method of accomplishing tasks (Kurt Lewin 3 Phases Change Theory, n.d.). Starting with…
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