Lewin's Force Field Analysis

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Lewin’s Force Field Analysis

Force Field Analysis is a model which shows a current level of a business in which it is affected by driving forces which are positive and encourages development of a plan and also restraining forces which are negative and hinder the development of a plan. In other words, to ensure that a decision is well made, the positivity of the driving forces has to exceed the negativity of the restraining forces.


* Driving forces means forces that are positive, logic and reasonable.

* Restraining forces means forces that are negative, illogical and unreasonable.

In this concept, both forces are equally significant in making sure a decision or should be executed. Both of them must be taken
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ANZ: does Lewin’s Force Field analysis at this stage


After the uncertainty created in the unfreeze stage, the change stage is where people begin to resolve their uncertainty and look for new ways to do things. People start to believe and act in ways that support the new direction.

The transition from unfreeze to change does not happen overnight: People take time to embrace the new direction and participate proactively in the change
In order to accept the change and contribute to making the change successful, people need to understand how the changes will benefit them. Not everyone will fall in line just because the change is necessary and will benefit the company. This is a common assumption and pitfall that should be avoided.


Time and communication are the two keys to success for the changes to occur. People need time to understand the changes and they also need to feel highly connected to the organization throughout the transition period. When you are managing change, this can require a great deal of time and effort and hands-on management is usually the best approach.

ANZ: The first step was a three day workshop on personal transformation which ANZ ran in 2001 for its top 50 executives. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with some participants commenting that the workshop prompted life-changing experiences. Its
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