Lewis Carroll's Life and Works Essay

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Lewis Carroll, born Charles Dodgson, was a writer, mathematician, photographer, and a man of religion. Lewis Carroll is a well known British writer throughout the world. As a child, Carroll entertained his brothers and sister as well as the children of his best friend when he was an adult. Lewis Carroll went through many challenges as he was matured, and even though he had to overcome them, his imagination only grew in strength and never waned until near his death. His work of art in the child fiction literature genre was a combination of his inspiration and imagination. Charles Dodgson was born in the old parsonage at Daresbary, Cheshire, an isolated country village, on January 31, 1832. He was then baptized six months latter at…show more content…
Dodgson was homeschooled by his father until the age of twelve when he became enrolled in Mr. Tate's school at Richmond Yorkshire from 1844 to 1845. While in Mr. Tate’s school he was called the champion of the weak and helpless to such a degree that he soon earned a reputation as "a boy who knew how to use his fists in a righteous cause." He also contributed a story to the schools news paper, of which was so good that Mr. Tate himself contacted his father and told him “Charles has a very uncommon share of genius, and you may fairly anticipate for him a bright career."After Richmond he was then enrolled in Rugby school from 1846 to 1850 where he was subjected too much bulling from being shy around the other student and suffered from several severe illnesses, one of which caused him to lose hearing in one ear. After public schooling Charles was then tutored for one year by his father. While being tutored by his father he was then matriculated to Christ church, Oxford on May 23, 1850. He was then able to obtain residency as and undergraduate on January 24, 1851. While in school he excelled greatly in mathematics and classical studies till 1852. He also studied many authors
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