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Lewis Hamilton: “Quit Whining and Drive”
By Zaheer E. Clarke
Locally, the big names in Motorsports are David Summerbell Junior, Doug “Hollywood” Gore and Kyle Gregg, all of who gave the fans a treat at last month’s Heroes of Speed event at the Dover Raceway.
On the international scene, though, the actions of one of the biggest names in Motorsports has been gnawing at me for some time and I think many of my friends and of my race have been giving him a huge pass. Whom am I referring to? British driver Lewis Hamilton.
Hamilton is the reigning world champion of Formula 1 racing, the pinnacle of Motorsports internationally.
A month ago, President Obama essentially told the world that he was sick of Donald Trump’s whining about a “rigged” election.
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He demanded answers from Mercedes about his engine failures compared to other drivers with the same engines. I think Hamilton needs to look in the mirror and question if his “overdriving-on-the-edge” methods have been putting undue stress on his Mercedes engines, causing them to fail.
Hamilton went on further in his tirade to say, “Something or someone doesn’t want me to win this year”. This statement placed a major cloud of mistrust and conspiracy over the Mercedes team, forcing its principals to address the statement.
Strangely, when Hamilton won six of seven races in the middle of this season and he had the lead in the driver’s championship, we did not hear all this whining from him. However, Hamilton has a pattern of whenever things do not go his way he begins to whine and claim things are rigged against him. Sounds similar to Donald Trump, doesn’t it?
In his first season, Hamilton complained after the Monaco Grand Prix that McLaren, his then-team, prevented him from racing against his then teammate Fernando Alonso, the then-reigning world champion. A charge the governing body of Motorsports, the FIA investigated and dismissed as
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