Lewis and Clark Expedition

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James Jang William and Meriwether, better known as Lewis and Clark, were hired by the U.S. president Thomas Jefferson to explore the newly bought Louisiana Purchase. The Louisiana Purchase was bought from France in 1803. Lewis and Clark started their expedition in 1804 near St. Louis. The group of explorers called themselves the corps of discovery. In the first winter they were helped by a Shoshone Indian named Sacagawea. Their journey was full of trouble and challenges but in the end led to a great discovery that changed the lives and beliefs of people everywhere. Their expedition stretched from camp wood to fort Clatsop. Lewis and Clark knew each other from the war where Clark was under William Lewis’s command later then Thomas Jefferson recruited Clark to lead this exploration and then he went to William Lewis to ask him to come along with him. Their expedition was full of confusing water ways that could potentially ruin their exploration for the most convenient route through the Louisiana Purchase. One problem was that America claimed parts of land that were occupied by the Native Americans; this was a problem because this caused many disputes between Americans and the Natives that lived there. This expedition was not to find trade roots or to search for science but was to discover the Louisiana Purchase. In May of 1804 the expedition started off in camp Dubois next they arrive at St. Charles, and then they ventured on the Missouri river. Next in June the journey moves

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