Lewsyr Knowmysteez. 250. Lewis Syring Is A Respected Personality

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LewSyr Knowmysteez 250 Lewis Syring is a respected personality in the world of arts, fashion and music industry. He was born in Los Angeles California, where he also studied from grade school to university and developed interest in arts. Lewis holds a degree in marketing from the University of California Los Angeles. His ingenuity and uncanny ability to spot new fashion and market trends as a business marketing consultant has earned his great respect and acclaim from family and peers. While growing up as a teenager, Lewis learned al lot about clothing and fashion from the clothing store his parents were operating. It was here that he crafted a successful marketing strategy that saw the business expand to offer teen and children clothing.…show more content…
How did you get your first customer? It all started with the idea to establish and an affordable clothing shop. I realized that there was great potential and success in venturing into this lucrative market. However, I had to deploy various strategies including target marketing and a sound marketing plan to attract my first customers. I took over the business from my parents, who had already picked a perfect location, but were unable to make the business a viable entity. From here, I knew I had to deploy some creativity and stay proactive in order to grow the business. What is one marketing strategy besides referrals are you using that works really well to generate new business? I have devised several strategies, which I am happy to say have worked so well for us. Besides the referrals, I have invested a lot of capital on internet marketing. I contracted a local web development company to develop a website for the business and help us come up with successful branding concepts and campaigns. We placed a lot of emphasis strategic content, SEO, display advertising and video marketing, social media marketing and email marketing. Through concerted efforts, the website was up and running and orders began flying. What has been your most satisfying moment in business? I see a very bright future in what I am doing because of the insurmountable potential that lays ahead. I always feel proud when I see struggling business turnaround into

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