Lexington And Concord : American Revolution

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Lexington and Concord Begins American Revolution

On an “unremarkably clear and pleasant” day in April 19, 1775, the shot that was said to had been able to be heard around the world was fired. (A Guide to Battles) This began the battles in which we know as Lexington and Concord, and the war we know as the Glorious/American revolution. It was fought between the British whom had feared American retaliation for some time, and the American Colonies whom were tired of feeling oppressed by the British. General Thomas Gage advised his British superiors to prepare for war, but this advice was refused and when the time finally came, they were not prepared for the fight at hand. (History of AM Rev) Many events, rules, and regulations helped to lead up to the retaliation of the Americans.
To begin, the Seven Years War, fought by the French along side the Indians versus the American colonies along side the British, carried a considerable cost for everyone involved. The American colonies and Britain ended up coming out on top, however, due to the sacrifice of the British jumping in to help. The only downfall was that “the royal ministries believed that the colonists should pay for their share of the costs of Britain’s (and their own) glory”. (txtbook) However, the radical new view of Americanized government believed that if new taxes were to be imposed that they should be able to have a part in their creation. This new belief was “no taxation without representation” and challenged King
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