Lexus Brand Management

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Brand Management
Part 1

Lecturer: Francesco P. Veneziano

Submitted by: Neyn 002FM005 11th June, 2008

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Introduction Executive Summary The Company
History Milestones Locations over the world

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Actual Marketing
Marketing mix (4ps) SWOT, PEST analysis of the company Brand Strategy Doctrine

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Financial (3 years)
Balance Sheet (2005 / 2006 / 2007) Income Statement (2005 / 2006 / 2007) Cash Flow Sheet (2005 / 2006 / 2007)

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Ratio Analysis

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Why I am doing this project? As a student who is learning fashion marketing and management, the most important thing
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We can see the media advertising including the traditional like TV advertising, magazines, but also using Internet. The newest advertising is showing on the internet firstly. A simple advertising became a network series filming short movies. There were more than 100 million visitors to watch it. It names “Employment”. We also can watch it in China. There are three steps advertising strategy for their Chinese market. 1. Asian advertising network - to enhance the Lexus brand image and establish its superiority in the local credibility and status to support the Lexus brand advertising network 2. The national image building activities - in various localities to enhance image building brand awareness, further to win short-term interests, and to support the aspirations of the brand message 3. Appropriate local marketing strategic advertising- stimulate sales, guide and support product positioning. Promotional activities –Test driving activity Lexus China's five cities large roving test driving for Lexus activities hold in Beijing in 2007 June. For the five Lexus test drive included auto cars, convertible cars and sport utility vehicles. This is the first time in China Lexus organizing large-scale testing activities. It
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