Lexus Promotional Plan

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Lexus RX 400h Promotional Plan Introduction: In 1983 Toyota decided it was time to produce a luxury vehicle to compete with the world 's best. Toyota made automotive history in 1989 when the first Lexus was unveiled. Now 16 years later the rx400h hybrid is here to do it again by being the world 's first luxury hybrid SUV on the market. Performance orientated, the Lexus hybrid delivers advanced hybrid technology along with increased power and outstanding fuel efficiency. Advertising will play the biggest role in the overall promotion following by public relations, personal selling and sales promotion. The Lexus name is very well established in the world. With that being said, the promotional plan will focus more on the hybrid…show more content…
It would provide good publicity for Lexus in showing that they truly do care about helping the environment. Personal selling (10%): Personal selling is going to be the least important aspect of the promotional plan. The Lexus name is very well established to the point where it does not need help selling itself. Lexus has set a standard in customer service and customer relations. When most people think of Lexus, they know they will be pampered and receive only the best in service. The only thing needed would be to assign sales representatives to one Lexus dealership in each major metropolitan city to conduct sales presentations about the 400h and what it has to offer to our customers. No more than ten sales representatives would need to be hired for this task. Each representative would travel to a dealership and educated the sales people on everything they needed to convey potential customers. One sales representative will be assigned to each major dealership where they will oversee in-store promotions and be available to answer any question a customer might have in regards to the Lexus RX400h. sales reps could also setup various in-store promotions to help familiarize dealerships as well as potential customers of the many innovative technologies built into the high class
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