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The Lexus and the Olive Tree, written by Thomas L. Friedman, investigates the phenomenon of globalization in our world and how it has established a new international system that has replaced the cold war. This new system of globalization connects people from all over the world from Southeast Asians fighting a recession to Thai bankers to entrepreneurs in the United States. Friedman credits that the democratization of technology, information, and finance has shrunk our world from small to tiny where people all over the world can now transfer information cheaper, deeper, and faster. The walls that once separated our world have now been torn down with the development of the Internet and the television.
Friedman uses the Lexus and the
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Chapter 9 goes into the building blocks of democracy that the Herd is imposing and the government can’t resist, such as transparency, standards, free press, corruption, bond and stock markets, and democratization. Chapter 10 questions your company or countries connectivity based on productivity and explains how the “evernet” is now exploding across the country. Chapter 11 goes over some questions to evaluate to see where your company or country stands, such as the growth, the weight, and the brand.
Chapter 12 dives into the theory of conflict prevention using the analogy of McDonalds. He states that as of 1999, no two countries that both had McDonalds had fought a war against each other and that the only three Middle Eastern countries that do not currently have a McDonalds are Syria, Iran, and Iraq.
Section two ends with the Demolition Man in chapter 13 and The Winner Takes All in chapter 14. The demolition man is basically the danger that because globalization is moving so fast and with such force, it could wipe out the ecological and cultural diversity that took millions of years to produce. It also explains that the gap between the “winner” and the “loser” is getting even bigger because of the effects of globalization.
The two chapters in section three are dealing with the backlash and the groundswell. The backlashers consist of those who feel threatened by globalization because they can’t keep and therefore

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