Leyster And Daumier Painted Everyday Life Events

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Leyster and Daumier painted everyday life events, despite the different intentions. The time and styles of the artwork are not similar at all, other than the intention to capture everyday life events. Leyster 's Self-Portrait focused primarily on herself, how she viewed herself, and how she desired others to view her. This type of painting was extremely rare, if not unheard of during a time when female artists were seen as inferior. The Baroque style of painting exhibits bold colors and dramatic lighting with loose brush strokes. Leyster painted herself looking straight, a slight smile, and comfortable posture; showing a sense of confidence and engagement she desires to capture as though she were looking at the viewer directly. Leyster also had a smooth finish to her painting making it look more like a photograph, than a painting. Daumier 's work however, is related closely to the working class and the deep impact the time had on people, using warm colors. Daumier’s heavy paint application with harsh dark outlines related to his art as a caricaturist. Daumier worked to express the struggles that time had brought among the lower or working class by the truth relayed in his painting. The family in this photo is looking down, with expressed fatigue demonstrated by the women’s drooped shoulders and uncomfortableness in the crowded Third-Class Carriage. There is no direct engagement with the viewers but rather a sense of compassion is expressed. Daumier’s painting is left

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