Lezotte's 7 Correlats

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Larry Lezotte’s 7 Correlats of Effective Schools stresses: 1) High Expectations for Success, 2) Strong Instructionla Leadership, 3) Clear and Focused Missions, 4) Opportunity to Learn/Time on Task, 5) Frequent Monitoring of Student Progress, 6) Safe and Orderly Environment, and 7) Positive Home-School Relations.
First, we must establish high expectations and we must focus on student success. This begins with leadership. I believe in being active and vigilant. A leader cannot lead from the seat of his pants. I it is critical to be seen in the schools. This gives teachers a chance to build a relationship with the superintendent, but it also gives the superintendent a chance to view instruction. Furthermore, I would ensure the achievement
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We must identify our purpose (to prepare all students…) and we must make sure everyone, not only has the same playbook, but is turned to the same page. This is accomplished by aligning the organizational structure to the shared vision of the system. By having continuity throughout the system, student transition between grades and schools is much smoother. Likewise, teachers must embrace the organizational vision that all students can and will learn and must strive to help every student reach his or her fullest potential. This is the attitude that effective teachers bring to class every day. Embracing high expectations is an offshoot of commitment and caring for individual…show more content…
Research-based instructional strategies are grounded in one basic theme for student success. Students who are engaged in learning are able to demonstrate both proficiency of standards and unlimited potential. Therefore, literacy, math, and the ability to navigate technology are essential for success in college and careers. All teachers in all grades and across all subjects need to assume responsibility for this heightened emphasis on broad-based literacy development and for delivering an education that arms students with the skills that will be required of them in college and careers. Therefore, Instructional Leadership at all levels must ensure that that the integration and application of math and literacy standards across all disciplines is supported, implemented, and monitored.

To meet the needs of diverse learners, we must ensure that relevant data is provided to educators. Educators, in turn, will access the information and use it to analyze trends toward district and school goals, monitor learner progress (growth toward proficiency), and differentiate instruction based on student needs. Instructional leaders must have systems in place to provide teachers with a clearer understanding of student data and how to apply that understanding to actionable instruction and interventions. They must also have a system in to monitor the effective use of

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