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OM – II Assignment LITTLEFIELD TECHNOLOGIES A report submitted to Prof. Subhamoy Ganguly On 23/01/2014 By Group 7B Aparna Sagar/ Mayank Sengar/ Preeti Kumari/ Rajeev Ranjan/ Vaibhav Arora Indian Institute of Management Udaipur Littlefield Technologies – Our Gameplay Initial Game Strategy: The team met, the day before the game was about to start, to prepare a strategy based on the learning that we had while playing the demo version of the game. We had realized that the machines in Station 1 and Station 3 were operating at full capacity (i.e.100% utilization) when the demand was high. As a result, inventories were queuing up right before these two stations. We thought of buying both the machines but due to cash…show more content…
Also we changed the customer contract to Contract 1 so that we do not lose further revenue due to not being able to deliver in time. We found that there was large job queue at Station 3, so we changed the scheduling policy from FIFO to Priority 4 to give priority to step four so that we can decrease the job waiting from the station 3. Step 5: On day 111 changed reorder quantity from 7200 to 2400 due to unavailability of cash to purchase high quantity. On Day 112 we have only $3000 cash in hand. Due to lack of fund we were not able to keep enough inventories. We had zero inventories at that time and we were not able to fulfill the customer’s demand. On Day 113 we saw that we have had $14,000 in hand so we increased the re order quantity to 7200. The lead time was 1.8 days so we changed the customer contract to Contract 2. We couldn’t understand the change that was happening due to lost per order so we changed it back to the initial 60 X 1. We also found that the change in scheduling rule resulted in the increase in the lead time so we changed it back to FIFO. On day 114 we saw that the lead time was 1.77 days still we changed the customer contract to Contract 3 in anticipating that the demand will fall and that we would be able to fulfill the demand. Step 6: By now we had some what realized what was happening in the game and the various setting that we had done had streamlined. The customer orders

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