Lgbt History And The Modern Era

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There are many topics prevalent shown throughout history. History books in today’s society highlight the majority of groups of people and historical events. This essay will prove that there is a problematic issue where LGBT lives and existences are being erased throughout history and the modern era. Throughout, it will be explained how these groups of people are being underrepresented within history, major wars, and the modern era.
History covers a very broad spectrum of time, with recorded history going as far back as five thousand years. Yet, within this period of five thousand years, history books implemented in school systems rarely give detail to LGBT people (Carter, “It’s Time to Write LGBT History into the Textbooks”). For example, within America, homosexuality has been shown throughout Native American tribes long before Europeans even stepped foot onto the land. While traditional European beliefs define a person’s sexual identity male or female based on biological determination, Native American’s have a vast variety of how sexuality is viewed. Native Americans believed the Creator created three different genders; males, females and two-spirits, following the Plato model of roles. Gender roles and gender identity mirrored one another, each containing their own magical attributes according to lore. While gender identity defined Native American gender roles, their expectations for the two spirits differed. Native American ideology welcomed a third gender and openly…
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