Lgbt Issues : Everyday Life Discrimination Essay

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LGBT Issues: Everyday Life Discrimination There is a wide range that relates to LGBT issues otherwise known as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. Lesbians, gays, and bisexuals all have the same have the idea. They have an attraction for the same sex presenting themselves as they are. As for transgenders, they have a similar concept, but they completely change who they are themselves and how they look in public. For example, those who are born male or female transform themselves to become the opposite sex. From the LGBT community, there are people out there who may be have feelings or issues of homophobia and feel threatened by those who have a different sexual preference, even though we are all human and should be treated equally. Unfortunately for those people who are attracted to the same gender, they seem to get treated a little different. They feel as if they are not accepted in this world and these issues make an impact on family, education, and in their communities. These issues are dealt with physically and emotionally by both pre-teens, teens and adults. LGBT lack support and guidance. Issues concerning their discrimination also shows how they are affected in more than one way. They are discriminated from society, peers, schools, and administration, whether it is consciously or unconsciously (Blackman). If they have the courage to tell someone about the way they feel, they have put complete trust in that person, and in return feel as if they are not being
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