Lgbt Rights Movement For Lgbt Adults

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This summer, the Supreme Court states that gay and lesbian Americans have the right to get married. This is certainly an important step in the new Civil Rights movement for LGBT equality, and has led to a more perfect United States. However, LGBT people are still not completely free from discrimination and abuse, there is much more society can, and should do, in order to advance LGBT equality. In order to advance the cause of LGBT equality, society must create and enforce federal LGBT worker protections in order to protect LGBT adults and must ban gay conversion therapy in order to protect LGBT children. Federal LGBT worker protections would protect civil liberties, incentivize society to become more tolerant, and promote economic…show more content…
The message that America would send by passing ENDA would be that a person’s sexual orientation, much like their race and sex, is an aspect of their personhood that should not impair their ability to receive employment. Some state than ENDA would hurt economic growth, and small business owners will be hurt by additional government rules. However, ENDA would actually promote economic growth. As Crosby Burns states in his article on the LGBT policy journal at the Harvard Kennedy school, ENDA would increase business efficiency, “allowing them [LGBT employees] to focus on completing their core workplace responsibilities rather than censoring themselves out of fear of unfairness and discrimination.” Making businesses liable for discriminatory practices within their hiring process will help make LGBT employees more effective, and will help the business as a whole. ENDA would help corporations avoid lawsuits, as it would provide “clarity and uniformity into the legal system and ultimately help firms avoid costly discrimination-related lawsuits” (Burns). The best refutation of ENDA is the religious right 's argument. The idea of a Christian couple being forced to hire LGBT adults, and in the process, violating their conscience, some say, is a clear violation of religious liberty. However, that is not the case, since ENDA clearly has a religious exception.

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