Lgbt Subculture Of The Lgbt Movement

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How does this picture represent LGBT subculture in order to express the stereotypes they have faced, how far the movement has come in America, and how they continue to support the movement? The LGBT movement has been fighting for rights over the last century across the world. Members of this community have come a long way from where they started. However, stereotypes and ridicule are still pinned against these individuals that form the minority subculture of the LGBT movement. Despite the prejudice they still face they have succeeded with their movement to make same-sex marriage a right among others. The image taken by Cliff Owen on the day the Supreme Court Justices gathered to hear historic arguments on the topic of same-sex marriage being a right provided by the constitution. The image is framed to capture a lesbian couple kissing and holding signs in support for gay marriage and equality, while flags are flying behind them in support of the movement with the backdrop of the U.S. Supreme Court Building. The photo depicts the LGBT community as a minority subculture that is finally succeeding in obtaining rights for what they have been fighting for. Through discrimination and stereotypes, the LGBT community is still fighting to be treated with the proper respect they deserve as citizens of the United States of America. Beginning in the early 19th century, Queers began fighting prejudices implanted on them as well as trying to obtain rights that were not yet afforded to

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