Lgbt Substance Abuse Treatment Best Practices

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LGBT Substance Abuse Treatment Best Practices: An Annotated Bibliography
Practice with special populations led to an inquiry regarding LGBT substance abuse and best practices. What was interesting in looking through the existing research is that there is really not a huge breadth of information out there regarding the LGBT population in relation to substance abuse and best practices. The importance of this subject was made apparent by the lack of concrete evidence for particular models of treatment when working with the LGBT community as a whole. Due to the lack of LGBT specific treatment evidence based outcomes, the search focused on comparisons of outcomes between LGBT and heterosexual participants in treatment programs, gay affirming program outcomes, risk assessment for substance abuse and LGBT identified individuals, and whether or not specialized services do exist for LGBT individuals who seek treatment for substance abuse.
General Overview
There seems to be a lot still unknown in regards to the LGBT population and substance abuse treatments. This is also true when it comes to the study of substance abuse in general and the LGBT community. If you try to break the acronym into subcategories, you find even less specific information. The NASW Code of Ethics emphasizes competency in practice, however in doing a quick search of the academic literature that exists for substance abuse and the LGBT population, it is easy to see that there is a definite lack of…
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