Lgbt Views On Gay And Lesbian Students

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On a daily basis, LGBT youths face discrimination from society, relatives, peers and also their teachers and administrators. Different studies indicate homosexual and bisexual youths are most disadvantaged because they lack protection and support from parents and society. They spend most of their time in fear since they are aware that they are not accepted in society. Most parents prefer having straight children, most straight youths prefer having friends who are straight over gay and lesbians and schools prefers admitting straight students over gay and lesbian students. Most studies do not only stress on the discrimination that LGBT youth faces but also highlights some of impacts that discrimination have on these young people’s lives. These studies have shown that the rate of abuse and discrimination against LGBT youths is higher than one faced by heterosexual children (Kosciw et al.). However, there has been some efforts to integrate these discriminated families with the heterosexual families. The U.S. Supreme Court and policymakers are continuing to show some interest in LGBT issues by introducing laws that call for marriage equality and equal rights for all people regardless of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Various experts argue that such development will help LGBT youths to enjoy their sexual orientation without fear of discrimination or abuse from the society and peers (Toomey et al.). Despite all these efforts, LGBT youths continue to experience
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