Li And Fung Commercial Company

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In 1906, Boliao Feng and Daoming Li established Li&Fung commercial company in Guangzhou which is the first Chinese international trade exporter. Initially Li&Fung commercial company engaged in the porcelain and silk business. Due to the insufficient water depth of south China river and there is wide and deep ocean-going port in Hong Kong, Li&Fung limited company was founded in Hong Kong in 1937. In 1985, the subsidiary company—Li&Fung retailing was established in Hong Kong. It is responsible for retail chain service in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, mainland China to Southeast Asia and other markets. In 1995, Li&Fung limited company became stronger, further expanded the customer base in Europe and started to interwork with US operations through acquiring the largest competitor—Inchcape Outsourcing Service, in Hong Kong. On the other hand, Li&Fung purchased network which expand to Southeast Asia beyond that including the Indian subcontinent, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. In 1999, Li&Fung successfully provided one-stop service to multinational customers.

Nowadays, the three main business group of Li&Fung are the export trading, distribution and retailing . In the world, Li&Fung has a network of 80 sourcing offices in 40 countries and regions. In addition, Li&Fung has over 23,000 employees worldwide. Li&Fung is made up of many different parts, each beach of the company has a special mode of supply chain operations to suit their different market…

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