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The case study analysis the evolution of Hong Kong based Li & Fung Limited from a traditional trading company into a global consumer goods export trading giant and a manager of customers supply chains. It discusses in detail the company’s efforts to constantly evolve its business model in response to the changes in the external environment and the customer needs and preferences. The case study examines Li & Fung’s major strategies viz. Positioning itself as supply chain manager, integration of operational strategy with its organizational strategies, customer-centric organizational structure, technology and Internet initiatives, and globalization efforts, which contributed to the company’s emergence as one of the world’s leading consumer …show more content…
Chairman Victor Fung and his brother, managing director William Fung, together own more than 35% of the company, part of a family business founded in 1906.

With 14’000 plus employees all over the world give Li & Fung became global and ensure strict assurance in quality control through factory evaluations, monitor and multiple inspections, on-site production and lab test with committed the highest standards – efficiency and reliability, product expertise, responsible sourcing, as well as complete service chain.

Holistic supply chain management
In today's highly competitive global marketplace the pressure on organizations to find new ways to create and deliver value to customers grows ever stronger. There is a growing recognition that through logistic efficiency and effective management of the supply chain both cost reduction and service enhancement can be achieved. The goal of supply chain management is to link the marketplace the distribution network the manufacturing process and the procurement activity in such a way that customers are serviced at higher levels and yet at a lower total cost.

Basically, Li & Fung does the supply chain work more accuracy and faster with the aid of a more advanced information system than others. By 2000,Li & Fung was far more sophisticated than a Hong Kong import-export trading company. Li & Fung has got a picture of a supply chain manager, but other than that Li & Fung do

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