Li Ning Case

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Marketing Management
Group Assignment 1
Li Ning – Anything is Possible

Submitted by (Group 18): PGP-11-091 Abhigyan Mundhra PGP-11-097 Aditya Narang PGP-11-102 Anant Damle PGP-11-133 Parag Aggarwal PGP-11-141 Prerna Lotlikar PGP-11-148 Ramya V. Supraja

Is this company successful? Yes, the company is successful. And it is well envisioned and positioned to convert its opportunities into strengths. For Li Ning, its USP is the target segment based on geographical dimensions. So far, its penetration into the second-tier and third-tier cities has been the chief reason driving its success. Li Ning also provides a good value proposition, thereby providing a fine
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To be able to build a unique positioning for itself, Li Ning might consider the option of changing its marketing lines, and portray a stronger image of what it represents.

3. Place: Li Ning should aim for a steady growth in the tier-II and tier-III markets, and expand into the mega cities and tier-I cities that have the maximum people with high disposable incomes.

4. Price: Li Ning’s pricing is one of its major competitive strategies, working to its advantage. However, this is true only of the tier-II and tier-III cities where it has a stronghold. For the mega cities and the tier-I cities, the pricing strategy has to be reworked altogether to increase brand perception. With increasing purchasing power, Li Ning’s ‘value-for-money’ proposition might falter in these cities.
Customers that see Nike and Adidas as the ‘brands to buy’ are often conscious of the pricing. To attract such customers who see low-priced products synonymous with low brand image, Li Ning should be able to increase the pricing when targeting these customer segments.

5. Product: To be able to raise the pricing to increase brand perception(as explained in the previous point), Li Ning should certainly not go for differential pricing in different cities. The viable alternative is to introduce a new product segment for these cities keeping in mind the tastes of the target customers therein.

6. Product:
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