Li Ning Marketing Plan

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2012 International Conference on Future Information Technology and Management Science & Engineering Lecture Notes in Information Technology, Vol.14

Marketing Plan for Li-Ning Product Expansion in UK Xin Zhang
Dept. of Sports Economics & Management, Wuhan Inst. of P.E . Wuhan, China Keywords: marketing Plan; expansion; Li-Ning Company

Abstract. Through the analysis of UK market situation for Li-Ning Company. This paper makes a marketing strategy for Li-Ning product expansion in UK and also includes the financial forecast, evaluation and control. Introduction Li-Ning Company Limited is a major Chinese athletic company which makes athletic shoes and sporting goods. Li-Ning branded products are targeted for consumers play in sports such
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The class breakdown shows that the propensity to wear `sporty ' garments increases with status, but peaks in the group for both men and women. Geographic market segmentation. There are a number of different factors to consider with regards to the geographic scope of the market. The major retailers are national chains, whose pricing is generally determined on a national level. The larger cities and shopping centers, for example, will generally sell a greater amount and a greater range of products. With the increasing use of the internet, consumers are able purchase products from a wide number of competing sources, both on a national or possibly even international level. Consumer Markets. Sportswear can easily be the largest individual market, but this includes purchasing of sportswear to use as leisurewear or casual clothing (e.g. multi-purpose trainers as casual shoes). It is now impossible to distinguish between the `fashion or function ' markets. Functional items are extremely diverse, with some important niche markets being running shoes, fleece tops for outdoor pursuits. The sportswear market is driven by strong branding and globalised manufacturing, led by two giant brands which are Nike and Adidas. Competitor Analysis. Competitor analysis in marketing and strategic management is an assessment of the strengths and
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