Li Shimin: Collapse Of The Sui Dynasty

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Li Shimin, is known for his remarkable military skills that boosted the Yang Dynasty through great devastation. The Sui Dynasty had begun to collapse; this caused Li Shimin to lead a rebellion against Emperor Yang. When the rebellion was considered successful, Li Yuan, Li Shimin's brother, crowned Yang You as Emperor Gong of Sui. Later, Emperor Yang was assassinated; this caused Yang You to give Li Yuan the throne back as Emperor. Li Yuan then pronounced Li Shimin as the Shangshu, Prince of Qin, and an active Major General. Li Shimin went on to lead the new dynasty under Li Yuan to countless victories in wars. (Biography)
Emperor Taizong was son of Douches Dou and Emperor of Gaozu Tang Dynasty. Li Shimin had one sister, Princess
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Li Shimin favored Buddhism and Christianity and he encouraged his people to follow his practices. Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji, Li Shimin's brothers, became jealous of Li Shimin; this caused them to attempt murder on Li Shimin. Li Shimin wanted to grow his army and military forces, but in order for this to happen he had to get rid of his two brothers who were jealous of his power. Li Shimin had known of the anger that his brothers had towards him. This caused him to want to murder his brothers in fear of rebellion. So he accused them both with adultery with the Emperor's concubine, they were then ordered to meet the Emperor immediately. When they came out, Li Shimin had set up an ambush to kill both brothers and their children as well. (EXPLAIN HOW BOTH BROTHERS WERE EXECUTED) This event went down in history as the Xuanwumen Gate Incident Historical…show more content…
“9d. Tang Dynasty — The Golden Age” Emperor Taizong helped create a path for other religions and he made sure that people were not forced to believe in something that they do not wish to believe in. Emperor Taizong also helped increase the number of horses that were available to the military. Before Li Shimin took over the military, there was a total of 5,000 horses available for use, but after Li Shimin had taken over there was a total of 70,000 horses available for use.An insane amount, thankfully Emperor Taizong had the knowledge to tell that his was not going to survive if he didn’t change his current ways. “Li Shimin - Emperor Taizong of Tang” (anonymous).
Li Shimin was deeply in love with literature and he was very passionate about calligraphy and writing poems. Li was also such strategic man in war. He is well known for his militaristic skills that he used to win his country's wars.Li alsowrote novels and one of his most famous ones were Di Fan (model of an emperor).These novels he wrote had a huge influence on people, he changed many lives through his words.Li Shimin is now known as the second ruler of the Tang Dynasty who drove China to one of its best stages of life.
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