Li'L Red Riding Hoodlum: Twisted Fairy Tale

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Little Red Riding Hoodlum There is a teenager named little red riding hoodlum. If this girl sounds familiar, you guessed it right. She was formerly known as Little Red Riding Hood, until she turned to the life of crime. Right now she is paying for the trauma the wolf caused her. She is now in Utah State Youth Rehabilitation Center. I'll tell you the part of the story they left out at the end that made it a fairy tale. After the woodcutter killed the wolf, the wolf's brother was furious, so he killed the rest of Li'l Red's family. Luckily, the woodcutter was near the house where Li'l Red and her family lived in, so he ran over with his shotgun, and, when the wolf was running away, he shot him in the back of the head. The woodcutter…show more content…
He was very surprised and had very mixed emotions when he saw what they were doing. He had to make a choice, to let her do what she is doing, or turn them in to the police for what's right. After a long time thinking about this, he made his choice. Now that the hard work was done, Li'l red and Vonica counted the profit and they made a little over three thousand dollars in valuables and cash each. They both thought it was worth it, so they both were planning to do this again. They set the next party to be a week from the first party. At the second party; every thing was going well, enough people, enjoying themselves and the food. About half way through, Li'l Red and Vonica both felt something wrong about the party, it was a different feeling that Li'l Red and Vonica both never felt before. Something felt very wrong. As people were starting to nod off, a loud noise diverted their attention. The swat team stormed in the house, handcuffed Li'l Red and Vonica, and took them

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