Lia Lee's A Hmong Family And The American Doctors At Merced Hospital

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“Between the ages of eight months and four and a half years, Lia Lee was admitted to MCMC seventeen times and made more than a hundred outpatient visits to the emergency room and to the pediatric clinic at the Family Practice Center.” The Lee family was a regular visitor at the hospital but it did not make thing between the Lee family and the hospital any easier. There was many issues between Lia’s family and the Merced hospital staff. Many of these issues steamed from many different areas of things. Between the Lee’s a Hmong family and the American doctors at Merced Hospital there were several cultural differences on what both parties wanted. Cultural difference was not the only thing they did not see eye to eye on there was also a huge language barrier between the Lee family and the workers at Merced hospital. Between the Lees and the medical personnel at Merced Hosptial there was many different cultural misunderstandings. Lia was really chunky and the doctors saw this as a problem because of her issues it was really hard for the medical staff to get in an IV in her when she was seizing and then add on to that that she was a very chunky little girl it made it very hard to be able to find her veins and adminstor the IV. The Lee family did not see Lia 's weight as an issue because in their cultural how fat and well feed your child is a sign of wealth because if you have chunky kids that means you have more then enough money to feed them. Another big cultural differnce
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