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Stephen Glass was a young writer whose misinformation and fabrications, although found humorous by his co-workers, swayed the public opinion and effected many lives; including his. Like many professionals, Mr. Glass was skilled at what he did. He was a valued by his colleagues and had an almost unbreakable bond with them. All was well and dandy at The New Republic till Mr. Glass's career came crashing down on his face like the twin towers of 9-11. Most of his work at The New Republic was falsified. He lied to himself, his boss, his co-workers, and the public. With the mendacity of course comes terrible and sometimes life altering consequences. One might ask these questions. Why did Mr. Glass lie? What did he lie about? And what…show more content…
The effect of this ludicrous act reminds me of the story of the boy who cried wolf. It was a story of a young shepherd whose lies brought about his downfall. The young boy was very protective of his herd and so people of the village told him that at the sight of a wolf trying to attack his sheep that he should cry wolf. At first the young shepherd puts his alarm to a test by falsely crying wolf. The villagers came running to his aide only to find that the boy was trifling with them. The second time he cries, "wolf! Wolf!" and the villagers once again came running and the boy laughs. However, the third time the young shepherd spots a real wolf, he cried, "wolf! Wolf!" but this time in his disappointment nobody came running to his rescue. When Mr. Glass was caught in his lies, his career as he knew it, was flushed down the commode. So you see, lying in fact does come back to bite that chunk out of your cheek Finally, after Mr. Glass was fired he had nothing to fall back on except to continue his education at the law schools he attends most evenings. All because of numerous lies and cover-ups. In contrast to this, Bill Clinton, our former President lied about his affairs with the Monica Lewinsky, an Intern at the White House. On August 17, 1998, an online article stated that " William Jefferson Clinton swore to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth before a Federal grand jury of the United

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