Liars and Self-Image of Our Bodies

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People are afraid of the unknown. They lie to create a persona that everyone will enjoy. So why do people lie to themselves and others to preserve self-image? Maybe they do not feel comfortable with themselves. They wouldn’t be the only ones either. Over a third of girls have a warped perspective of themselves. (McBride 1).
Family is a major influence over a child’s self image. “A mother’s weight, body image, attitude and health habits are strong indicators of her daughters.” (McBride 4) Children create a new “them” to remain their parents’ perfect angel. The children lie to stay young and perfect. Most of them do not want to grow up. Children that are complimented regularly by their mothers are more likely to have a better self-image. “Pryor gives credit for her good self-image to the way her parents raised her.” (McBride 2) Families who do not morally support their children will tend to make poor eating habits. “Some 89% of girls say their mothers make positive comments about how the girl looked.” (McBride 4) The other 11% are more susceptible to bullying and peer pressure.
Media is another component that influences a girl’s view of herself. This affects the way she believes she should look. At a very young age children are stuck in front of a TV. for entertainment. They grow up with the skinny women and diet commercials. The children are brainwashed into thinking that everyone must be a size zero. This is what they consider “healthy” living.
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