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HOUSTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE SOUTHWEST-WEST LOOP CENTER GUST 0342: COLLEGE READING II Essay: My Library Experience Submitted by: Dat Le Present to: Dr. Bennie Richards, Instructor Tuesday/Thursday: 12:00PM - 4:00PM Thursday, June 7,2012 Summer 2012 Name :Dat Le Subject: GUST0342 Date: Thursday, June 1, 2012 Time: 12:00PM-4:00PM My Library Experience Nowadays ,The Library plays a important role in our daily life. It’s not only provides us knowledge but also gives us the effective environment to study . The Library is really a good friend with thousands of books and modern equipment. I had a good chance to approach it and realize that we have three things to help us in our studies in the library : library…show more content…
Another side, The library have a huge database, we can find a thousand topic and article for free and also print that if you want to. The library will provide a lot of equipment to help you improve your knowledge and your responsible is just know how to you it. You should go to library to experience the environment in here. It’s fantastic. Finally, we can find
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