Liberal Art Education : The Myth Of Liberal Arts Education

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The Myth of Liberal Arts Education “I do not understand why I have to study Arts and Humanities courses when I am a pre-engineering student,” as a lot of international students complain that they have difficulty adjusting the life in a liberal arts college. As the increasing popularity of attending liberal arts college, the Liberal Arts Education(LAE) has been highly debated and evaluated. Over the long history of evolvement, the liberal arts education has been changed from a required, closed and limited course to a broad, liberal and inclusive curriculum. However, differences do exist between the western and oriental education and thus the extent to which LAE shape students’ personality and intellectual ability across different countries is worth-considering.The emergence of LAE in Asia is discussed and further analyzed. One may think the geographical difference is the main reason; however, it turns out that the country’s economic power, political influences, and cultural differences play a more significant role to the distinction between the educational systems. Regardless of other variables, economic power or the matureness of one area’s economic and political influences is interconnected that affect educational systems to a considerable extent. The mainland China and Taiwan is a good analysis, material in distinguishing the vast difference between the two given that they have the same ancestors and language. After Mao Zedong took over Beijing and became the first
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