Liberal Arts Breadth and My Education

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Liberal Arts Breadth and My Education
There are many benefits to getting a Liberal Arts degree in today’s economic market. It is a message to your employer that you are willing to take on new information, and learn more then what is necessary to succeed. It shows initiative and the ability to expand your horizons beyond yourself. In a Liberal Arts education there is more purpose then just learning the career field of choice. It is a program that teaches critical thinking and self-thought. It teaches the student how to learn and teach themselves, to achieve more than just memorization of facts.
In the Ottawa University Liberal Arts degree they have four breadth areas that are required for
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According to the official curriculum laid out by the school this category is highly concentrated in the social sciences or the ology’s. It spans from Phycology to Sociology, to Anthropology and even includes Political Science and History. The manuals description is, “looking at involvement in volunteer organizations, churches, schools, or local government.”
I did not have much access or experience with these areas of the field when I started my college education; with the exception of high school history. I took Sociology first and I was surprised by how well I did and how natural it came to me. This should be no surprise when I relate the liberal arts education with my experiences in debate. I was bread though my years as a critical thinker.
I finished my requirements for the criteria while I was at Johnson County Community College, the courses I completed it with were Introduction to Sociology and Social Problems. I would like it notated that I also took Psychology, U.S. History up to 1877 and I have thirty hours of continuing education credits from CASA of Johnson County. I am sure that more than a few classes in the Human Services Cohort program would fall under this category as well. This is the section of the breadth areas is the area in which my career field will be, this is the category I will
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