Liberal Arts Colleges Do Not Gurantee A Job After Graduation

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Society today places so much emphasis on attending a liberal arts college in order to get a degree and succeed in life. The only problem is that liberal arts colleges do not gurantee a job after graduation. Students are going into school expecting to graduate and be able to find a job, but then they find out it is not that easy. The value on liberal arts education is too high compared to the benefits. Results of interviews showed that after getting a job, the employee then had to learn on the job how to use the proper writing style required. Future research should look towards toning down the specialization of writing programs in higher education in order to cover a broader background and better prepare students.

Overspecialization of Undergraduate Programs
The Problem Undergraduate programs in recent years have become more and more specialized and there is a lack of diversity in the writing styles taught in writing classes. This has led to students being less prepared to enter the workplace and less qualified than the people who know the writing style of the specific job. In multiple interviews, the interviewees, most of whom had been to college, discussed how they learned the style of writing required by their job while at work.
Importance of the Problem The purpose of a liberal arts education is to teach students how to think and learn for themselves while technical colleges prepare students to immediately enter the work force after…
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