Liberal Arts Misperceptions

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Why are many young Americans so uncomfortable with liberal arts? And why are countless high school graduates shying away from this particular form of education? Just like anything else that is popular, once liberal arts has been accurately, or inaccurately, discredited, the aftermath inevitably spreads. As more information is being mistakenly spread, numerous liberal arts colleges are taking the fall. To combat the onslaught of negative publicity, university officers are beginning to speak out to discredit the invalid claims. Sanford J. Ungar, a journalist and president of Goucher College, is one of the faculty members actively trying to disprove the accusations against liberal arts colleges and educations. In his February 2010 article from the academic journal The Chronicle of Higher Education, Ungar gives readers multiple examples of common misunderstandings about liberal arts and then informs them why those examples are incorrect. Appropriately titled, Ungar’s “7 Major Misperceptions About the Liberal Arts” is an easy “go to” guide when a person wants to learn more about liberal arts. These readers, mainly students and parents looking toward a higher degree of education, can read Ungar’s essay and find new knowledge about the liberal arts discipline. As students and parents are looking into colleges, their minds need to be open and free of biases. Sanford Ungar’s essay can help broaden the mindset of families, and even help make a decision to attend a liberal
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