Essay on Liberal Democracy

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Liberal Democracy

Liberal democracy, with a capitalist economy, is the only form of social organization that will work in this world. Socialism and Communism appear to be sound in theory, but would never come close to achieving what capitalism does. Liberal democracy and capitalism allow for a beneficial competition where communism does not. This competition, in the liberal tradition, on both political and economical levels, allows for the best balance of security and freedom to the people under the government. However, this liberal tradition does not take care of every problem, but it does a better job than any alternative. Competition is a necessity in this world. A more competitive market allows for a more functional
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All of the market is voluntary, no coercion. Milton Friedman explains, “Political freedom means the absence of coercion of a man by his fellow man.” There would be people trading with other people only when they themselves benefit from the situation. This way people have the choice on how much to trade, or to even trade at all. Everyone can benefit from a competitive market. Friedman explains, “By removing the organization of economic activity from the control of political authority, the market eliminates this source of coercive power. It enables economic strength to be a check to political power rather than a reinforcement.” Without this sense of being forced into situations, people are a lot happier. When people are voluntarily participating in the free market, then the government makes money consequently. The competitive free market takes some responsibilities from the government, so the government can run better. A more competitive free market allows for the government to function more smoothly.

Political competition is needed in order to achieve a balance between liberty and security. Free elections are the best way to elect the most worthy individual and to keep up competition in politics. Having senators run for elections and compete for the people’s vote, rather then a select few deciding who is elected ensures liberty for the people. One of the most important rights an American has today is the
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