Liberal Education: A Study in Thought Essay

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Some have recently argued that a liberal education, as opposed to a vocational education, is a waste of time, money and effort because so much of these are spent on the pursuit of knowledge not at all relevant to the chosen major. As Bob Newman of Paradigm Media states, "We all know that career colleges and trade schools get a bad rep in the education industry. For many, they’re viewed as the “other option” or Plan B. What surprises me about these stereotypes is that the data available shows that career/trade school grads can make way more in the long run than students with a Bachelors or even Masters degree.” The common consensus is that college is a mere ticket to the corporate world of high pay, early retirement jobs. If this is…show more content…
Where will I make friends? Where will I get an education I can afford now, and an education that will remain valuable for years after graduation?" In choosing the appropriate school to attend a student must take these questions deeply into consideration. What is it that one hopes to gain from education itself? Some students undergo their studies for that slip of paper received upon completion, as that golden ticket to success in the corporate world. I recently read about prime example of this in which a college graduate sued her school for spent tuition claiming that the education received wasn't enough to get the work she wanted. For some college is nothing more than a requirement for a life of prosperity. Other students aspire to gain a better understanding of a beloved discipline, viewing college as the next level of a lifelong pursuit. I personally know people such as this, namely my own uncle who has spent the entirety of his life accumulating degree upon degree. For such people education is a vocation itself. No matter the origins of their reasoning, the ultimate questions that so frequently arise for college students are whether the education is affordable both in money and time investment and whether the value received will be proportionate to the price paid. To put it simply, the goal of every student is attainable change. Life itself is a long process of expanding one’s
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