Liberal Education And Its Effect On Education

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Time has changed, this is the twenty-first century but instead of growing in education, there is an increase in population instead. Liberal education is way more important in college I believe liberal itself explains the meaning, which means education teaches a person to think broadly. There used to be a time when it all started with a small population who went to the college but now these colleges does not have many criteria and allow everyone in the college. The high scorer and average students are studying together, unfortunately no competition. I still remember my time when I came to high school there was high demand for the grades to get into a good school but now when I see my brother admitting in the same school without putting the efforts that I put, seems bad and frustrating. There was the value of grades in our era but now it 's about who so ever have more money and can afford, will win it. Mr. Andrew said that education is expensive and it should not only be a machine producing students for the jobs or employment. And he stated in his interview “work better to keep this space for self-reflection”(2012). But I believe that liberal education is meant to make a human, a good person for himself as well as for his nation. Moreover, Mr. Andrew made a very good point that colleges help out young students to help out figure their talent and make them motivated enough to choose a career for themselves. I can relate this to my experience. When I was in my high school I

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