Liberal Education Report

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Essential I: Liberal Education for Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice Liberal education is the framework for baccalaureate generalist nursing practice. It is the best preparation for new graduate nurses. Liberal education provides nurses with the skills needed to practice nursing, including critical thinking, effective communication, and integration of knowledge from science and humanities in order to solve complex problems and challenges. Liberal arts education encompasses understanding of a wide variety of subjects such as both sciences and arts. Some of the sciences included in baccalaureate program: physical science, life sciences, mathematical sciences, and social sciences. The arts include: fine arts, performing arts, and humanities.…show more content…
When I first entered the nursing program I was not surprised on having since classes because they provide the basic knowledge of how the body works. I did not mind having a math class either because I know that as a nurse I have to be able to calculate the medications. However, I was questioning why subjects like history, literature, philosophy or even writing are part of this curriculum. At that time, I thought that instead of spending time on writing papers or doing projects, I should spend more time in clinical settings and stimulation labs to improve my skills. However, now that I am about to graduate from nursing school my process of thinking has totally changed. I am glad that I was part of this program where liberal education is integrated for many reasons. First, it will set me apart from other students who were not part of such a program. Employers are hiring liberal arts graduates because they have effective expression of ideas, clinical reasoning, and the ability to work in teams, analyze information. An education in the liberal arts offers great freedom in choice of careers. The liberal arts will prepare me not just for landing that first job, but it will give me the opportunity to promote in a few years. The liberal arts provide students with research skills. Having such basic skills I will be able to make sound decisions, assess the
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