Liberal Party Research Paper

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The Liberal Party forms a majority government. Consequently, in order to pass this proposition, the Conservative Party needs the support of other parties or only the support of Liberals. The support of others is crucial for this promise, yet during the electoral campaign, most of the leaders were not in favor for this legislation. For example, Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party, clearly said that he would not vote for the legislation; it does not interest his party. Gilles Duceppe was not completely against Harper’s promise : “ S'il veut être sérieux M. Harper, qu'il maintienne l'équilibre entre la sécurité et la liberté, mais qu'il cesse de fournir des armes à des régimes qui bafouent les droits humains.’’ Duceppe is not against this…show more content…
During the third reading, the house reviews the final bill with all the amendments and a new copy of the bill is printed. Once all those stages achieved in the first house, the bill must pass through the same stages in the second house. In the second house, new amendments could be implemented and they have to be…show more content…
In this final stage, the bill is presented to the Governor General who will assent the bill in the name of the Queen. When the bill is given a royal assent, it becomes officially a law. ( SOURCE) Those are all the stages through which the conservative bill have to pass in order become a law. In addition, this bill consists of criminalizing travel, which is in some ways related to migration. Under the constitution, migration is shared between the federal government and the provinces ( source) Therefore, if this bill happened to pass in order to have collaboration between the provinces and the federal government it requires a Senate agreement of the provinces. Even if this bill does not require money and has the support of other parties, realistically it will not pass because it is very controversial because it reduces the citizens’ freedom of choice and liberty. In addition, historically, no attempt was ever made to make laws similar to Harper’s legislation since terrorism became a primary concern in the political agenda only after the 9/11 event (Fyson, Baker, & Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History,
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