Liberal Vs. Liberal Views On A Political Issue

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Conservative Versus Liberal and Their Views on a Political Issue:
Liberals believe in government assistance to solve problems. The government’s job is to protect its citizens’ rights and the civil liberties. It is also to ensure that no citizen is in need and provide the equality for all humans. In regards to abortion, liberals believe in women’s right of choice. They don’t view a fetus as human life, not granting it separate rights. They also believe that abortions should be funded by taxpayer dollars, if the mother cannot afford it (Editors of Student News Daily).
However, conservatives believe in limited government control, traditional values, and individual responsibility. The government should give their citizens freedom to pursue their own dreams. The citizens should be able to solve their own problems without government help. When it concerns abortion, conservatives believe that the human life begins at the moment that the baby is conceived (Editors of Student News Daily). A conceived baby is made because of the decision to have sex (Ross). Therefore, abortion is murdering a human being. The baby and the mother also have separate rights. Tax payer’s money shouldn’t go towards abortions, because that would be funding murder (Editors of Student News Daily).
The liberals believe that the conservatives are hypocrites. The conservatives are in favor of the death penalty, but against abortion. They believe the conservatives can’t differ between guilty and innocence.
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