Liberal vs. Conservative Views on Teen Pregnancy

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Liberal Vs Conservative Views on Teen Pregnancy Liberal View on Teen Pregnancy Liberals support teenage pregnancies because according to them: The ideal age for women to start having babies is 17 or 18 compared to 20 or 22. Teenage mothers are better than the older mothers. True that most of the teen age mothers are poor but does delaying childbearing make them escape poverty? It is true that pregnancy and its outcomes are problem for teenagers but aren't these issues equally problematic for women of other ages? Teenage pregnancy makes couples more responsible, they quickly finish the school and start working in order to be independent. According to recent reports, teen mothers now complete high school or get a GED which was not the case in the past (Guttmacher Institute: Facts on American Teens Sexual and Reproductive Health). Teen pregnancies allow more time for the mothers to spend with their children as their children grow up when the mother is only in her late 20s. It is easy to come close to children when they reach in their teens as the age difference is very little. Having children in early age means giving yourself an opportunity to enjoy long time with your grandchildren. Conservative View on Teen Pregnancy According to the conservatives: Teen pregnancy is a problem that is indirectly affecting everyone in the society. Getting pregnant in teenage is not a simple but a complex problem which needs proper multifaceted attention and involvement.

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