Liberalism : Who And Why

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Republicanism: Who and Why “Republicans are for both the man and the dollar, but in case of conflict the man before the dollar.” This quote, by Abraham Lincoln describes some of the core principles behind Republicanism. Those core ideas are to help United State’s citizens first and the economy seconds. Republicanism is a belief that the United States should take a more conservative approach in its economic and social policies, and people believe in it because they think that a hands off government approach in which there is less government control over businesses would be beneficial to themselves and to the United States as a whole. Understanding what Republicans believe creates a dialogue about policies that should be made in society and allows others, such as Democrats, to find common ground that they can work together on to solve problems in the United States.
Origin and Development The word Republican originates from the root word republic, which is a government where the people elect representatives to vote for issues and create legislation that is in their best interest or in the best interest of the government. According to Haley Barbour, the former RNC Chairman, “originally, ‘republican’ was a neutral term because the Constitution had guaranteed each state ‘a republican form of government’” (Barbour). This broad term later became narrowly tailored when it became used to describe conservatives. According to the Wisconsin Historical Society, “this name had been
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