Liberation Theology Essay

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Introduction According to Enns (2008), liberation theology attempts to infer the holy writ through the plight of the poor. This movement originated from South America in the early 1950s when Marxism was the most popular theory among the poor. It was a response to the ill-treatment and poverty facing the ordinary people. It dealt with the issue of distribution of wealth among people in order to upgrade the economic status in life. This movement had strong Romanian Catholic roots bolstered in Colombia in 1968 at a conference where, the bishops proposed a merger between the Karl Marx teachings with those of Jesus Christ. Liberation theology support was immense but various critiques across the religious framework (Novak, 1991). This movement…show more content…
However, emergence of negative results due to black liberation was evident. This is because the theory tends to separate the black and white Christian communities thus enhancing racism which is not religious or biblical. By critically analysing the biblical way of life, a level of unity among the people who share the same doctrine of Christ is expected. Black Liberation Theology initially intended to assist the black community, but in reality it ended up hurting the more. It promoted negative values for instance: racial tension, victimization, and Marxism ultimately leading to more oppression. Latin American Liberation Theology The liberation theory originally developed from ideologies and activities instigated by the Catholic missionaries in the colonial Latin America. Latin American Liberation Theology says that there is oppression and exploitation of poor people by the rich capitalist nations. The Latin people developed the theology by radical interpretation of the bible biased to the people. The inclusion of armed pastors was one of the characteristics that brought this movement in the limelight. This yearning for change got spurred by armed revolution. This is why; so many churches had people carrying guns and other weapons to shoe how they were fighting for their liberation. Critique of the Latin American Liberation Theology Latin American Liberation Theology is one of the theologies that had a lot of impact on the
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