Liberia.The Capital Of Liberia Is Known As Monrovia.The

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Liberia The capital of Liberia is known as Monrovia. The major language spoken in this country is called Liberian English. This is because freed American slaves settled Liberia and founded it. Many people have to speak a mix between Liberian and English. This caused the mix between the two languages creating Liberian English. Liberia is located in Africa along the western border and lies almost right on the Equator in the northern and western hemisphere. Liberia’s population was recorded at about 4.294 million people in 2013. It sits on the coast of the south Atlantic coast.
Liberia was founded in 1847. The most recent leader of Liberia is a female named Ella Johnson Sirleaf. She has been leading Liberia for 11 years and earned
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Lake Piso is located near the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The major and well known cities in Liberia are easily known as Monrovia and Gbarnga. The population of Monrovia is roughly around 939,524. The major language spoken there is English. The second major city, Gbarnga’s population is roughly about 45,835. The major language spoken there is also English.
Some unique foods made in Liberia are from very old recipes and they have many histories and traditions. Liberian rice bread is one of the most traditional foods you can eat in Liberia. It is most commonly used as a snack or even a light side in some cases. Another major meal to eat in Liberia is what they call Jollof Rice. Jollof Rice is a spicy and red rice dish loved in every city and town along the coast of West Africa. Jollof Rice contains many home grown ingredients such as rice, tomatoes, onions, scotch bonnet peppers and spices. Many believe that Jollof Rice was combined with endemic food like tomatoes to help create the perfect taste. In Senegal, its home, Jollof Rice doesn’t go by it’s name. Instead it is called Thiéboudienne or Ceebu jën, often cooked with fish instead of chicken. Jollof Rice also seems to have pushed it’s way to become part of a regional and cultural tradition in Liberia. The most practiced religion in Liberia is called, Protestant. It is a version of Christianity. It shares with all other Christians core beliefs in the

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