Liberty And Justice For Almost Everyone

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Liberty and Justice for Almost Everyone The classification and demoralization of races has been the cause of serious tension for centuries. Some Americans choose to stay ignorant to the injustice occurring around them while others take those issues and blow them way out of proportion. In a world that will always classify people by their race, a common ground needs to be found between the two extremes so that Americans may be able to live together comfortably. Throughout American history many minority groups have felt the wrath and harshness of racism but one group has dealt with the longest lasting and most severe form- the African Americans. Racism in past and present America has aided in the creation of a culture that is filled with…show more content…
The slaves were often commanded to marry and have children with other slaves. This breeding let the owners gain more slaves with out having to actually go out and spend money on more. These impalpable injustices became so deeply instilled in those who supported the owning of slaves, that they sharply fought those who threatened the morality of it all. Even though the colonists showed no appreciation towards their workers, the slaves actually were incredibly crucial in the construction of the American economy. Amidst the suffering, people began to realize the immoral acts that were being committed through the legal institution of slavery. As popular as the acceptance of slavery was, another movement began to gain attractiveness- the abolitionist movement. This particular faction had been around since the 1820s; however, it gained intense support in the 1830s- 1870s. This group fought hard for the emancipation of all of the slaves in America. In 1831 a man by the name of William Lloyd Garrison founded the abolitionist newspaper, The Liberator. Garrison played a huge role in the movement helping to create the Anti-Slavery Society, founded in December of 1833 by a group of men who met to discuss the discrimination and also their proposed solutions to the problem, and by passing out
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