Liberty And Justice For Almost Everyone

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Liberty and Justice for Almost Everyone The classification and demoralization of races has been the cause of serious tension for centuries. Some Americans choose to stay ignorant to the injustice occurring around them while others take those issues and blow them way out of proportion. In a world that will always classify people by their race, a common ground needs to be found between the two extremes so that Americans may be able to live together comfortably. Throughout American history many minority groups have felt the wrath and harshness of racism but one group has dealt with the longest lasting and most severe form- the African Americans. Racism in past and present America has aided in the creation of a culture that is filled with discrimination and insolence. Racism in America, if there could ever be a classification on the actual commencement of prejudice, claims it’s beginning centuries ago when the first slaves were brought over from Africa. Having recently broken off from England, the American colonies were struggling to find a way to function on their own. The people eventually decided that it would be of the most economical benefit to have unpaid workers work on their farms instead of themselves. Slowly the support for slave labor grew and in 1619 the Dutch brought the first slaves to Jamestown, Virginia. After that, there befell an extraordinarily excessive demand for the slave market and its ‘merchandise’ and so soon most people owned at least one slave.
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