Liberty Julia Alverez Summary

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The short story called Liberty was written by Julia Alverez. In the book Liberty the author uses suspense, figurative language, and tone to make the story interesting. Liberty is a short story about a girl and her do. She plans to move to the United States. When it is the day before moving she finds out that she would have to give up something that was very important to her. The short story has a lot of literary elements. The body of the essay will discuss those literary elements. The author, Julia Alverez, wanted to develop suspense, figurative language, and theme to engage readers. The first element that the author developed is suspense. The author had many examples of this literary element. On page 59 in Liberty it states, “ ‘You haven’t seen us, you understand?’ ” The 2 men in the glasses she had never seen before wanted to stay unknown. The text on page 57 says, “ ‘Trouble,’ Mami suggested, kicking the puppy away.” This makes you wonder will she start to ever like the dog or not. On page 58 the text says, “….Mister Victor coming around our house and going off to study with Papi to talk over important things in low, worried voices.” This causes a lot of suspense because why would he come around their house acting suspicious? It makes you as yourself. All of these quotes above give good examples of suspense. These quotes make the story interesting and add more details to the story. Figurative language also plays a big part in this story. It is a very important literary element. The author claims on page 61, “ ‘ You’re going to find liberty when you get to the United States. ’ ” In the story, Liberty was an example of actual liberty. The girl in the story said dog represented actual liberty. The story used the word as a metaphor. On page 57 it states, “ ‘ It was a special breed with papers, like a person with a birth certificate. ’ ” It is noticeable that the dog will become significant to the girl. It was a special dog, it was American. “ ‘We will call him Liberty. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ Papi quoted the U.S.A. Constitution.” This is also a metaphor. Once again they are calling the dog liberty. Liberty symbolizes the actual liberty they are trying to obtain in America. Figurative
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