Liberty Shoe Manufacturer From India

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Liberty shoe manufacturer from India has an opportunity to import its new water & salt resistant dress shoes in Canadian market. This entrepreneurial venture will gain a good market share in Canada because of the uniqueness and quality of the product. Moreover, sales partnership with The Shoe Company gives an edge to this venture.
Concept Statement
Liberty shoe manufacturer came up with an idea to create dress shoes for harsh weathers. Our research team identified a chemical compound that makes leather resistant to salt and water. The dress shoes manufactured from this new chemical compound makes the shoe more durable in any weather without applying any additional chemicals. People in countries like Canada and America spend their time and money on repairing shoes caused by harsh weather. With Liberty shoes, people can wear them in any weather conditions, be it a cold/wet or hot/dry, they don’t have to worry about cracked dress shoe repair and wax polishing. Liberty dress shoe is patent protected and no one in the market other than us can guarantee the salt and water resistant leather shoes. Easy maintenance and durability are the driving factors of our new product. In addition, it’s a light weight and leather foot bends gives enhanced comfort. Our new dress shoe is available for students and business people and price range is 250 to 350 Canadian dollars. Instead of buying cheap shoes twice a year, it is clever to buy liberty shoes that endure more than two
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