Liberty Tax Swot Analysis

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Liberty Tax

By: Lorne Wright
Term: Winter
Professor: Fairbrother

Liberty Tax Service is a United States based business that specialize in the preparation of tax returns for both individuals and businesses. It originated in Canada in September 1997, when the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) John Hewitt acquired a Canadian tax franchisor, U& R Tax Depot. In 1998, the company became known as Liberty Tax Service and opened five offices in the U.S. The founder and CEO, Hewitt is nationally recognized within the tax industry. He is considered a veteran for his forty-four tax seasons of experience, founder of two top tax preparation firms, and for being a former regional director of H&R
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Liberty has the advantage of being located in the rural area of Brooklyn, were people who need the services most. Because of the ease with which people can access the organization, this makes it an advantage for the organization as it can serve more people in the poor community. The location of the offices near the communities is important because the organizations aim is to offer accounting and taxation services to Americans who suffer financial disparities. Liberty offers students who are pursuing a career as an accounting professional the opportunity to volunteer for the tax season. This is critical because students who volunteer for the organization have the ability to learn from experienced professionals.
The weakness of this organization is lower management. While the manager of this office is very knowledgeable about tax laws, she lacks the management and leadership skills needed for this office to live up to its full potential. This in turn can hurt the company bottom- line because prior and potential clients, she is viewed as the face of the business. Clients expect her to be both knowledgeable and professional while handling their finances. And anything that is viewed as to be outside of the norm of the way an average tax office is ran may have clients thinking that the office partake in fraudulent services. This in turn can either attract the wrong kind of clientele or have

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